The sky is the limit on what we can do for our customers. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, maintaining strong relationships with our clients, and always delivering on our word. We are well-respected in the marketplace and have established a bond-of-trust with our clients which is second to none. We provide exactly what our customers want, fulfill our commitments, and make every attempt to exceed expectations. Live Pure Cleaning is proud of our reputation in the organic cleaning industry.



Providing a clean, healthy and safe facility is our mission critical for any business. In today’s competitive marketplace, clean and fresh facilities prevent negative experiences that lead to the loss of good employees & customers.


A proper commercial entrance matting system will reduce the risk and liability for slips and trips, maintain lasting interior floor protection, allow fewer pollutants to enter for improved air quality, and establish clean first impressions making for a safer, healthy, and attractive facility.


Poor maintenance of a floor will result in the deterioration of its appearance leading to high restoration and replacement costs. In addition to appearance, dirty floors are more slippery and have a greater chance for someone to fall.


Prolonged exposure to dust/dirt, humidity, and light damages untreated surfaces causing furniture and fixtures to lose their luster. Polishing the finish regularly will enhance and extend the lifespan of your facility.


Dust consists mostly of shed human skin cells but can contain other toxic waste such as rodent droppings, roaches, spiders and insect remains. A buildup of dust causes allergies, asthma, itchy eyes, coughing, and runny noses which all impact the productivity of workers and is unattractive to customers. It is important to sanitize handsets; door handles; and desk tops to prevent communicable diseases. 


Maintaining a clean and organized breakroom stocked with all the essentials such as paper plates, paper towels and plastic utensils boosts employee morale and elevates office productivity.


Restroom cleanliness affects the productivity of employees and the experience of customers and other visitors. Clean from top to bottom, disinfect the handles daily to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

     Office building cleaning is never one-size fits all. Industry, lines of business, personal preferences, number of employees, as-well-as other factors can impact the cleaning supplies required from building to building.

     Many Office Buildings invest heavily in the décor of the facility to provide a customer experience that aligns with their brand. Unfortunately, the overall cleaning program is often viewed purely as an expense. New and renovated office buildings quickly see a decline in cleanliness and then patronage. Ever heard this- “That place was really great when it first opened but boy it’s really gone downhill”?

     Proper cleaning processes in any Office Building requires a mental transition of cleaning as a cost to cleaning as a marketing expense. Marketers understand the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and customers want a positive, clean and consistent experience.


     *We offer a nice commercial cleaning package. Note: there is a commercial cleaning contract set-up fee.